Holy Comforter offers experienced nursery care during our 10:30am worship service. The nursery is located on the first floor near the Great Hall. 

Welcome to Our Nursery! Discover a world of wonder and growth for your little ones in our enchanting nursery. At Holy Comforter, we believe in nurturing young minds and fostering a love for learning in a safe, stimulating environment. Our dedicated team of caregivers and educators is committed to providing exceptional care and personalized attention to each child, ensuring they thrive and flourish.

Explore Our Programs: From infants to preschoolers, we offer comprehensive programs tailored to meet the developmental needs of every child. Whether it's through engaging activities, imaginative play, or hands-on learning experiences, we strive to ignite curiosity and spark creativity in our young learners.

Our Approach: At the heart of our philosophy is a child-centered approach that values individuality, promotes social-emotional development, and encourages exploration. We believe in creating a supportive atmosphere where children feel empowered to express themselves, build meaningful relationships, and develop essential skills for lifelong success.

Meet Our Team: Our team of passionate educators is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and education for your child. With a wealth of experience and a genuine love for children, they are committed to creating a warm and nurturing environment where every child feels valued and supported.

Parent Resources: We understand that parenting can be both rewarding and challenging. That's why we offer resources and support to help you navigate this exciting journey. From parenting tips to developmental milestones, we're here to partner with you every step of the way.


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